Bacaro Menu

Our menu is ever changing and we offer daily specials on breakfast, lunch and dinner, so we always have something new and seasonal to try.

Food & Drink

Inspired by the Italian attitude to food, we work hard to source the best locally produced ingredients and high quality produce. We also use authentic Italian ingredients and cook simple, delicious and satisfying dishes. As our dishes are small plates we recommend you get a selection to share and enjoy the variety!

Main menu

Cicchetti & Bar Snacks
A small snack or side dish.

3.75 Bacaro’s marinated olives

4.50 Mozzarella sticks served with chilli jam (V)

1.80 per ball Arancini

4.50 Trio of nibbles
Olives, anchovies & coriander, mini mozzarella & sundried tomatoes

4.25 Sticky pigs with orange and BBQ sauce

4.25 Italian bean hummus & toasted breads (V,VE)

6.50 Classic Margarita (V)
Fresh tomato, mozzarella, rocket, olive oil

7.25 Figs & prosciutto
Mozzarella, prosciutto, figs, rocket, shaved rarmesan, balsamic glaze

7.25 Winter vegetable (V)
Roasted winter vegetable, crumbled goat’s cheese, chopped parsley

Breads & Boards
3.50 Bread basket (V, VE)
Selection of Mediterranean and sundried tomato bread & grissini breadsticks

15.50 Meat charcuterie
Parma ham, coppa, ventricina, sweet pickled onions, mini mozzarella, lemon dressed rocket, bread sticks, mixed bread

14.50 Cheese charcuterie
Gorgonzola, taleggio, provolone dolce, asiago, shaved Parmesan, candied walnuts, lemon dressed rocket, bread sticks, mixed bread, red onion chutney

18.25 Mix of both
Mixture of both meat/ cheese charcuterie, candied walnuts, sweet pickled onions, lemon dressed rocket, bread sticks, mixed bread, red onion chutney

7.00 Pork and beef meatballs
With spicy tomato sauce, shaved parmesan, parsley, toasted breads

8.50 Turkey, sage & chestnut stuffing
Wrapped in pancetta, rosemary & cranberry sauce

7.95 Pork saltimbocca (G)
With pickled shaved fennel, apple & cinnamon sauce

8.25 Italian stew
Talu’ sausages, smoked pancetta, ventricina, butter bean oregano & tomato sauce

7.50 Sautéed king prawns, chilli, garlic and lime (G)

6.95 Smoked salmon, orange & chive mascarpone
With music bread, lamb’s lettuce, caviar, lemon dressing

7.95 Sea bass fillet (G)
With samphire, warm tartare sauce, confit cherry tomatoes

7.50 Crispy calamari & whitebait
With coriander, fresh chilli, basil mayonnaise

6.50 Grilled goat’s cheese & roasted winter vegetables ( V)(G)
With balsamic dressing & candied walnuts

5.75 Fried gnocchi, pear & taleggio cheese ( V)
With mixed lettuce, & walnut oil salad

5.50 Chestnut, mushroom and truffle macaroni (V)

4.25 Bacaro’s christmas braised red cabbage (V) (G)

3.75 Crispy potatoes with aioli and spicy tomato salsa (V)

Bacaro's Kids

Children's options
Our all dishes are available in children's portions

Sunday's at Bacaro

Sunday's at Bacaro
(A small snack or side dish)

3.75 Bacaro’s olives (V, VE, G,)

1.50 per ball Arancini

4.25 Pecorino croquettes, black garlic aioli

4.25 Italian bean hummus & toasted breads (V, VE)

4.95 Marinated anchovies & crusty bread

Breads & Boards
Our meat & cheese charcuterie boards are all served with olives, sundried tomatoes, lemon dressed rocket & toasted breads.

15.00 Meat charcuterie-A selection of Italian cured meats.

12.95 Cheese charcuterie- A section of Italian cheeses and candied walnuts.

17.75 Fancy a selection of both ?

4.25 Red Onion & rosemary focaccia bread (v)

Sunday Sharing Roast
Choose from your favourite below......

12.50 -Roasted lemon & Rosemary Chicken, carrot puree, sage, onion and sausage stuffing

14.95 -Roast Beef, yorkshire pudding & horseradish

10.95 -Spicy Vegetable Nutroast & Goats Cheese (v)

Served with a large board full of your roast favourites.......
Chantenary chilli carrots, honey roasted parsnips, spring greens, roast potatoes, braised mixed spice red cabbage and Bacaro’s gravy. (Please let us know about an dietary requirements, we can cater for your needs)

Drinks Menu

125ml glass: 3.50
175ml glass: 4.60
250ml glass: 6.50
Bottle: 17.95 Carafe 11.95
Falanghina IV Miglio IGT
Straw yellow colour, dry, fresh & light.

125ml glass: 3.95
175ml glass: 5.00
250ml glass: 6.75
Bottle: 19.00 Carafe 12.50
Vinuva Pinot Grigio, Terre Siciliane- organic
Ripe, apple flavoured with a sweet finish.

125ml glass: 4.75
175ml glass: 7.00
250ml glass: 9.50
Bottle: 27.00 Carafe 18.50
Sauvignon Blanc-Astoria
Grown in Veneto, (Northern Italy) fresh, perfect balance of fruit & acidity.

125ml glass: 6.00
175ml glass: 7.60
250ml glass: 9.00
Bottle: 29.00 Carafe 19.60
Gavi di gavi- La Toledana, Domini Villa Lanata
Fresh citrus and pineapple aromas, well balanced & crisp.

Bottle: 45.00
Greco Di Tufo Pietrarosa 2011
Dry with aromas of lemon and pear with notes of almonds and a light minerality in the finish- Full bodied.

125ml glass: 3.00
175ml glass: 4.50
250ml glass: 6.25
Bottle: 17.50 Carafe 11.95
Vinuva organic nero d’Avola Terre Siciliane
Overtly fruity, sweet blueberry with a touch of spice

125ml glass: 4.00
175ml glass: 6.20
250ml glass: 8.20
Bottle: 24.50 Carafe: 16.00
Aglianico IGT Castelle
Full bodied with firm tannins & high acidity

125ml glass: 4.30
175ml glass: 6.40
250ml glass: 8.60
Bottle: 25.50 Carafe 16.50
Merlot - Organic
Smooth, velvety with cherry and plum aromas.

125ml glass: 5.75
175ml glass: 7.00
250ml glass: 9.20
Bottle: 27.00 Carafe 18.40
Don Jacobo Rioja Reserva (Product of Spain)
Developed fruit and spice character expected from a mature Rioja, 18 months in oak barrels and aged for a further two years.

125ml glass: 6.20
175ml glass: 7.60
250ml glass: 9.75
Bottle: 28.50 Carafe 19.50
Salentein Barrel Selection Malbec Uco Valley Mendoza (argentina)
Deep red-purple wine, intense notes of blackberry, blueberry and redcurrant, Barrel aged for 1 year in oak barrels.

Bottle: 37.00
Barbera DOC Sannio
Intense, persistent and fine scents of withered flowers. Dry taste.

Bottle: 65.00
Barolo - Perno 2009
Cascina Del Monastero, Floral aromas, sweet berry fruit, oaky finish & fine tannins.

Rose' & Fizz
125ml glass: 3.95
175ml glass: 4.50
250ml glass: 6.75
Bottle: 19.00 Carafe 12.50
Solstice, Zinfandel Rose, Puglia
Coral pink with juicy, sweet red fruit flavours with a pinch of spice and an off dry finsih

125ml glass: 5.20
175ml glass: 7.50
250ml glass: 9.50
Bottle: 27.00 Carafe: 18.00
Vigna Lapillo Rosé - Organic
Fruity Full bodied, fresh, dry and well balanced.

Bottle: 25.00
Lagolena Fizzy Rosé - Organic
Sweet, fresh and moreish.

175ml glass: 7.00
Bottle: 28.00
Lagolena Prosecco - Organic
Light, crisp, fruity aromas.

Bottle: 75.00

Beers & Cider
Half pint: 2.10
Pint: 4.10
Birra Moretti, 4.6% (On tap)

Bottle: 3.75
Peroni 5.1%

Bottle: 3.75
San Miguel 5%

Bottle: 3.75
Corona 4.5%

Bottle: 4.75
Kwak 8.4%

Bottle: 5.00
Delirium 8.5%

Bottle: 4.50
Zot 6%

Bottle: 2.40
Bitburger (non alcoholic)

Bottle: 4.00
Black sheep 4.4%

Bottle: 4.20
Hobgoblin 5.2%

Bottle: 4.00
Guinness 4.2%

Bottle: 3.75
Blind Pig ciders
Bourbon & Blueberry/Whiskey & Honey/Rum & Poached Pear

Bottle: 3.75
Savanna dry 5%

Rum & Brandy
Single: 3.20 Bacardi Carta Blanca, 37.5%

Single: 4.60 Don Papa rum

Single: 3.40 Koko Kanu (coconut rum)

Single: 3.64 The Kraken black spiced rum

Single: 4.25 Sailor Jerrys

Single: 4.50 Courvoisier

Whisky & Bourbon
Single: 3.71 Jack Daniels

Single: 3.40 Southern Comfort

Single: 3.95 Monkey Shoulder

Single: 4.95 Haig Club

Single: 3.40 Jamesons

Single: 5.50 Woodford reserve

Single: 5.50 The Balvenie
12 year old single malt scotch

Vodka & Gin
Single: 3.20 Absolut Blue

Single: 4.75 Grey Goose

Single: 3.84 Black Cow

Single: 3.40 Tanqueray

Single: 4.20 Hendricks

Single: 3.80 Edinburgh Gin
Rhubarb and ginger flavoured gin

Single: 3.95 Ophir

Single: 4.70 Gin Mare

Single: 4.75 Monkey 47

Single: 3.70 The Grifu
Sardinian Gin

Single: 3.40 Disaranno

Single: 3.40 Baileys Irish Cream

Single: 3.40 Kalua

Single: 3.20 Peach Schnapps

Single: 3.25 Grappa

Single: 4.70 Port

Single: 3.50 Jagermeister

8.25 Sicilian Breeze
Vodka, Peach schnapps, fresh lime, pomegranate juice, Prosecco

7.95 Amaretto Sour
Amaretto, fresh lemon, fresh lime, sugar syrup, egg white.

8.25 Il Postino
Hendricks, fresh lime, fresh mint, ginger beer.

8.00 Espresso Martini
Kalua, Vodka, coffee.

7.95 Negroni Twist
Edinburgh Gin, Aperol, martini bianco

Soft drinks
Small glass: 2.25
Large glass: 3.00
Coca Cola

Small glass: 2.25
Large glass: 3.00
Diet Coke

Bottle: 2.30-2.50
Selection of juices

Bottle: 2.40
Fevertree premium tonics

Selection of Teas and Coffee's available.
We serve Ipanema espresso, 100% single origin Brazilian Arabica beans, fair trade, rich sweet aroma, honey and orange aftertaste.

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