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The essence of the traditional Venetian Bacari with a modern twist!

Bacaro's prawns

In the Bacaros of Venice customers often stand around the bar drinking, nibbling, socialising and forgetting all the worries of world – lost in the pleasure of the moment.

Here at Bacaro Southampton we have taken the essence of the traditional Bacari, the relaxed atmosphere, delicious food and wonderful wine. We focus on using fresh ingredients in all our dishes. You could snack on Arancini with melting mozzarella centres, nibble on fennel, salami, ricotta and pine nut Pizzette or satisfy your appetite on our Beef Braciola, roasted garlic and rosemary butter. With specials changing regularly, there is always something amazing to try.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, knowledgeable staff and our warm hospitality, we want you to feel at home and relax with us whatever time of day you pop in; for a leisurely brunch, after work olives and wine, an Italian inspired cocktail to start your evening or sit down and let us serve you for a delicious evening meal

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