Bacaro so far...

As the sun sets on our final day of week 6, the feeling that overrides all others is that of deep admiration for my team. I am a person with a short attention span, who flits from thought to thought, so it takes a strong person to run alongside me and keep up with each change of direction and make sense of my ramblings. Billie (my manager & best pal) has shown such strength and dedication, developing every detail of what I want to achieve and maintaining my high standards of ambiance, food & wine exactly as they need to be night after night. Every week we see improvements from the previous and learn new ways that we can become more efficient as we continue to improve the dishes or add finishing touches. The kitchen team have now established a great way of working together, producing high quality fresh food which is continuingly presented perfectly. I should imagine they are absolutely bored of my constant critiques and comments but actually my head chef (Greg) takes it in his stride and works closely with me to perfect the food. He also constantly creates amazing dishes for me to try (all in name of business development of course!) We already have our local customers who return week after week and have shown amazing support and we thank you all. What an amazing community to be part of! I have learnt so many lessons and I expect to learn many more but I feel very excited about the possibilities and the future of Bacaro. We have a great month ahead of us with some exciting evenings booked, so here’s to the rest of May and the beginning of June, all we need now is the sun!! Lucy

Published: 17/05/2016
Author: Lucy Watts

Staff wanted at Bacaro- We are looking for enthusiastic FOH staff to join team Bacaro, If you are passionate about food, people and good wine then we would love to hear from you. FOH, Bar and management positions avaliable, if you have experience and what to be involved, Get in touch. 

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Bacaro so far...

17/05/2016 - Lucy Watts

Journey of Bacaro and what is to come.