5 months in and feeling proud.

A look at Bacaro after being open for 5 months

Published: 28/08/2016
Author: LVW

5 months in and feeling proud,  It has definitely been an interesting journey and not easy at times but I do feel all of us at Bacaro have come together as a team and are continuing to get stronger and stronger, we have had a lot of feedback recently about how much tastier the food has got- of course its all thanks to my great chefs working hard night after night to produce consistently tasty and good looking sharing plates, we have now introduced weekly specials, which keeps the menu fresh and exciting, especially for our lovely regulars.

 I think what has amazed me more than anything is the lovely people we have met who frequent Bacaro and the amount of support they give to us and the business, I had a lovely group of people in last night who were telling me that their mate has been recommending Bacaro to everyone and really trying to spread the word,……. that kind of thing really is so helpful to a new independent business trying to grow reputation.. so,.. a big THANK YOU to everyone for that. It means a lot to us all.

I am very excited for the months to come, summer is nearly over and autumn and winter on their way.. I have always been a big fan of winter and getting cosy, so I hope to make some nice changes to the menu and restaurant to welcome that, September brings the Boat Show to Southampton, this is meant to be a really busy time around town , In October we have Halloween which we are planning a fancy dress party… (still planning the detail on that…but Billie is VERY excited)..think it’s the dressing up thing!?

Then Christmas..  I cant wait to make the restaurant look lovely, put the music on and welcome all the office parties,  I think I have finally completed the final version of the Christmas menu, this is has been quite difficult to do given our sharing plate concept but I’m sticking with my gut feeling and going with something different.. Anyway, not everyone wants a roast dinner 700 times in December.. so I hope to bring something new and exciting.

To end my second blog…. Thank you to everyone for their support, including all my staff, family, friends, customers and loved ones, without you.. We are nothing.

Big Love.


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